Purpose of the game

The croupier throws the ball onto a spinning wheel with 38 numbers (0, 00, 1, 2 … 36).

The aim of the game is to guess which of the 38 numbers the ball will stop on. The winnings depend on how the bets were placed.

American Roulette Wheel

The wheel in American roulette has 38 numbers, including 0, 00, 1 … 36. This game is often referred to as “double zero” roulette.

Playing field and bets

The playing field is similar to the field used in European roulette, but has an additional field for 00 (Double zero). Read about other differences on the

The player can place bets on:

  • A certain number
  • Combination of numbers

Predict if the winning number will be red or black, even or odd

The size of payments and expectation depends on how the bets were made.

Surrender rule

In some casinos, the player is given the option of Surrender. Those. if 0 or 00 falls out, the player loses not the entire bet on equal chances (red / black, even / odd, big / small), but half of it. Playing by these rules, the casino has a 2.63% advantage over the player. Otherwise, the house edge is 5.26%.

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European roulette is a popular table game that you can play in online casinos. Unlike its American counterpart, it has only one section with “Zero”, which leads to a smaller house edge that is 2.7% for all bets. This guide will tell you how to play European roulette online for free and for real money.

European roulette online with no download

You can gamble online without having to download any software on your device. All you need to do is to find a website that offers a good roulette game for free. In most cases, you won’t even have to sign up. Casinos usually allow you to play in demo version without registration.

Gambling for free is the same as playing for money except for the value of your bets. In demo mode they’re not real, cause you use demo credits. When you start playing European roulette online free, you’ll receive a certain number of credits to use for betting. In most cases you’ll get 1000 currency units.

Roulette have simple rules:

  • you choose a number or a group of numbers;
  • you make bets;
  • the wheel spins and the ball shows the winning number;
  • your reward is paid.

Different bets have different payouts. The biggest one you can receive with a successful bet on one particular number. If the ball shows the number you’ve chosen, your payout will be 35 to 1. The more number you choose for one bet, the smaller your reward is. For example, the split bet pays 17 to 1. It includes 2 adjoining numbers. The smallest prizes can be won with Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1 – 18/19 – 36 bets. They pay even money.

In European roulette, you can combine different bet types to get better payouts and to cover potential losses. Certain betting systems even have their own names like Martingale, James Bond, Fibonacci etc. You can also develop your own one by practicing in free mode.

Best European roulette online for money

Playing online European roulette games for real money allows you to win big prizes and withdraw all your winnings to your bank account or e-wallet. All other rules are the same as in a free mode.

To play for money follow these steps:

  1. Pick a trustworthy online casino with valid license that offers European roulette online games.
  2. Register on the website and make a deposit. You can also gamble using bonus funds.
  3. Go to the game lobby and launch European roulette for money.
  4. Make bets and get wins.

When you play for money, it’s crucial to have a strategy. No matter what approach to betting you’ll use, always make sure you spend your bankroll wisely. It’s not a great idea to bet too much just from the beginning or continue playing when you start losing. Set your own stop-loss limits and take a break if you feel the luck is not on your side. One more tip you should consider is that even money bets have the highest winning probabilities in the game. Use it to guarantee even a small win in most rounds.

How to play European roulette online free and for money?
European roulette online game is fun and allows you to get wins up to x35 to your initial bet. Learn how to play it for money or for free now.

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Playing live roulette wheel online for real money with a live dealer is very simple, especially with different bonus options. Betting on numbers, zero, and equal chances will help users earn the required amount. Popular real money bets provide equal chances, as the probability of winning them is high enough even for beginners. It is impossible to play without investments. Therefore, it is recommended not to bet more than 5 percent of the total bank for training.

Live Roulette Wheel Online: The Best Types With No Deposit Bonus

Live roulette is very popular among visitors to online clubs, due to the dynamics of the game process, the excitement, and a very real prospect, overnight, to break a solid jackpot in any currency. Live roulette provides the highest chance of winning. Live roulette game free is a classic variation of the European type with the relevant rules. Each player makes bets on the field in numbers, neighbors, sectors, columns, dozens, red/black, odd/even, big/small. In case of winning a bet, all payments are made according to standard odds. There are three types of roulette available in life casino:

  • European with one zero;
  • American Double Zero;
  • French with the rule of prison.

Roulette is an online casino with a live croupier is quite functional and convenient for all players. For all devices, the window is divided into several parts: the roulette field for bets and the video broadcast window. In some casinos, the video broadcast includes the appearance of a dealer, in others, the player sees only the spinning wheel. At the screen with a video broadcast, the following buttons appear: turn off the broadcast or switch the shooting plans (top view and general plan). Another button allows the players to choose favor of the mode without broadcasting. It does not display the roulette field and significantly reduces the number of tools located on the panel. After the game table has been determined, each visitor joining the game selects the chip value. The optimal betting range in the live roulette wheel online is from a few cents to $ 500.

The Advantages Of BTC Betting In Live Roulette

Now, Bitcoin is so popular that many people use the currency for casino betting. Bitcoin live roulette wheel online without investments is also available, as some casinos provide no deposit bonus rewards. With their help, players can easily choose a suitable casino and have fun for free. The game is very popular, so there are so many several variations. The most common is Bitcoin Live Roulette with one zero per field. Also, some casinos offer other types.

BTC Betting In Live Roulette

The benefits include:

  • Live roulette on Bitcoin allows users to play safely, instantly and anonymously, while allowing them to plunge into the atmosphere of a real casino;
  • The result of the Bitcoin live roulette wheel online rotation is always visible in real-time, and there is also the opportunity to communicate with other players;
  • The most important advantage is 100% fairness of the outcome.

Users should play Roulette with the BTC betting opportunity carefully, as the its rate is high, so they should be ready to make significant bets. They should also investigate different strategies and live roulette tables online.

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