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The most joyful and exciting casino game is definitely Roulette! It has not very complex rules, so you will quickly figure out how to play. In addition, online casinos usually offer a Demo game option. This means that you can hone your Roulette skills well without money. But the main thing you should know for success in a game is Roulette online betting that has a variety of types.

The safest bet in online Roulette

“Bets are made, there are no more bets” – this legendary phrase is familiar to any land-based casino gamer who has participated in a live Roulette round at least once. Not much has changed at an online casino, and although playing in a slot machine you will not hear this well-known phrase, but in online Roulette, the essence of round remains the same. For a virtual game, you also need to know the most safe Roulette online betting system.

Even if you are playing free Roulette, you will also need to place bets here, even if using empty virtual chips. This gambling action takes place on a special table with a field — a table for placing bets — and a rotating wheel. In any type of game, there is a wheel with red and black cells numbered from 1 to 36, one or two “Zero “sectors on a green background.

In this game, the user does not compete against other players at the table, but against the dealer. The main task of an online Roulette gamer is to guess which sector the ball will stop in. The croupier starts spinning the wheel after all bets in the round are made. After stopping the ball, a croupier marks the number on a Roulette online betting field, removes all the chips what were lost, pays out the winnings and starts the wheel again.

What are the types of bets in a virtual Roulette? We offer you a complete list:

  • Roulette online betting – Red or black;
  • Even or odd;
  • 1-18 and 19-36;
  • Bid per dozen;
  • Column;
  • Bid on a single number.

Obviously, all types of bets give different payouts if the player wins. Therefore, the biggest payout will be a Roulette complete bet on 1 number, but the probability of losing this position is very small. The safest bets in terms of risks for a gamer are investing chips on red/black and even/odd. You will win 49% probability if you place your chips on these sectors. Some versions of Roulette use additional rules. This should be clarified at a specific online casino.

Features of the 99.4 success rate system in Roulette

In virtual clubs of 2020 Roulette is a very popular gambling entertainment. Players use different methods and strategies to win the game with the magic wheel.

Today, there is a unique scheme for playing online Roulette, which experienced players call the 99.4 success rate system. They say that with this technique, you can really beat a virtual casino and win a big cash prize.

Although it is impossible to guarantee a win with each spin of a wheel, users who have chosen a 99.4 strategy have a better chance of winning at Roulette. The main thing is not to deviate from the system, because it is based on strict mathematics, which is easy to follow. Players only need to learn how to quickly count the number of fallouts while the same color comes on the wheel.

The 99.4 system works as follows: a player bets on the same color several times in a row, and then in the case of a five-time defeat, bets on the opposite color, following the progression 1. 2. 4. 8. 16. With a 99.4 success rate Roulette bets system, you will soon discover a long-term winning Roulette system that really works!

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