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The sooner you exit the casino after receiving your winnings, the better for you. All rules and requirements are absolutely identical to their offline version, which you could meet in almost every casino establishment, but if you compare live online roulette with a regular virtual one, then most players prefer the first. Of course, there are good systems that allow you to win, but no one will ever write about them – they are copyright and are protected as a military secret.

What numbers does roulette have and what are the best strategies

On a roulette wheel, there are numbers from 0 to 36 scattered around. This is European roulette. There is also the 38th number in American roulette – “00”. Fear American roulette, you have twice as many chances to lose as European roulette! This means that a trip to Las Vegas should be preferred on a trip to Monte Carlo or Macau (a Chinese gambling zone that has long plugged the legendary Las Vegas into its belt in terms of turnover).

Odds of numbers

Let’s discard so far, the ill-fated 0 and 00, imagining that we have 36 numbers. The probability that a specific number will be drawn randomly is 1 in 36 (or 1/36). This means that you only have a 1 in 36 chance of guessing which number will be drawn (i.e. the probability is 2.78% (= 1/36 * 100%)). But if you guess right, you will get 36 times the amount you bet from the casino.

All 36 numbers are colored equally black and red (18 black and 18 red; only zero is green). You can choose to bet on “red” or “black”. If you bet a chip on “red” and guess, the casino returns you 2 times more than you bet. Why exactly 2 times, and not 3 or 4? Because the probability of guessing by betting on “red” or “black” is 18/36 or 1/2. That is why your reward will be 2 times more than your bet.

The most used strategies for playing roulette for money:

  1. Martingale game system;
  2. Anti-Martingale tactics;
  3. Parlay method;
  4. D’Alembert game algorithm;
  5. Anti-dAlembert tactics;
  6. Labouchere and Anti-Labouchere model;
  7. Donald’s way of playing with Nathanson’s changes;
  8. Fibonacci tactics;
  9. Two-thirds system or distribution law;
  10. Biarritz tactics;
  11. Makarov’s algorithm;
  12. Counter-Biarritz tactics.

All of them have pros and cons so just try them all out and pick the one that suits you most.

How to predict roulette numbers to play

There are several most effective ways to determine the winning number:

  • “Signature” of a dealer in a live-casino;
  • “Visual” forecast of roulette numbers to play;
  • Using a pocket computer.

For example, some dealers may hit a specific section of the roulette wheel numbers more often than others. For example, if the dealer always follows the same method of spinning the ball around the wheel, he creates a rhythm of spinning. The idea is to find the signature of a particular dealer and use it to gain an advantage when you play the game, learn the best roulette numbers to play, predict them, and learn their odds. In theory, this system does work and can help you predict the next numbers.

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