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Being roulette fans, players should note that in addition to luck, they also need to know the best roulette strategy that works. A casino is a gambling place where newcomers, as they say, are always lucky. But experienced players argue that roulette is a difficult game in which users should rely on their skills and instinct. There are several unique schemes to increase the success rate to 80%.

Best Roulette Strategy: The Most Comprehensible & Working Ones

Many beginners before going to the casino try to learn as many tips as possible to find the best roulette strategy and increase their fortune. For some people, such games become a source of income. Today, all existing tactics of this gambling can be divided into two large groups:

  • progressive ones are those in which the next bet is higher than x2 of the previous one, which allows blocking all previous bets when winning and stay at + 100%, but users need to have a very large margin of funds;
  • non-progressive – it is the repetitive bet, the result is already determined at a distance. It does not guarantee 100% wagering, but it is less dangerous and risky.

For example, the Dustin Method is a simple and best roulette strategy ever to win. To test it, players will need a roulette, which can be used without bets, a notebook, or a table to record the results. It turns out that out of all 37 numbers only about 24 fall out, the remaining ones may not fall out at all. In the game, the Dustin principle is very clearly applicable.

  • Users need to divide the roulette into five sectors, after which they need to scroll it until four of them fall out;
  • After that, they make bet on a sector, which did not fall out until the time the bet has been played. Many agree that it is simple but really best roulette strategy;
  • For example, first they get the numbers 27, 9, 21, 34, 19, 8, 27, 21, 23, 26, 3;
  • From this, it follows that the first, second, third, and fifth sectors fell out, which means that now they need to bet for the fourth;
  • It is followed by the following numbers: 30, 0, 31, 28, 8, 28, 4, 8, 34, 22, 28, 11, 20.

This method is based on probability theory, which says that the chances of each number falling out in European roulette are 2,7%.

Working Tips For Roulette Tournaments

The fact is that to win, players don’t need some complicated game techniques, like in poker or blackjack. But they should note some tips:

  • Working out the best roulette strategy, it is essential to determine the size of the budget for the tournament and strictly adhere to this limit;
  • They need to study the maximum and minimum bet limits and choose the roulette game in which the limits are well correlated with the established budget;
  • They are better off making most of their bets on equal odds bets and other external bets.

Best casino roulette strategy is most effective against the European roulette, as here the chance of winning is higher than in the American one.

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